welcome and have your say!

Welcome to the brand new mmo voices blog. I play mmos, obviously! and I read blogs on the state of the industry and the games I play. Currently the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft and a general nostalgia about playing engaging mmos and joining the community of bloggers who keep us all posted about these games brought me back to my old gaming hobby and prompted me to create this blog for the new year

There has been a need for a blog like this ever since the death of sites like mmo melting pot and others, though I won’t promise that my content will be as regular or as in depth, at least not in the beginning.

About me: I tend to gravitate towards older mmos like Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot and a few others but I play some modern ones too and the ones I don’t play I read about and I hope to highlight some fun and informative blog posts during the days, weeks and months ahead. So come back often and read the regular (or irregular as the case might be) contemplation and postings from out favorite as well as more obscure writers from the mmo blogosphere.

Next: World of Warcraft Allied Races




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