Wow Allied Races: Good addition to game and lore

Nightborn elves in wow
Battle for Azeroth is giving players Nightborne elves as a playable race, to the chagrin of some Alliance faithful

OK I admit I am a big late in commenting and presenting reactions or blog posts to the upcoming allied races introduced with Battle for Azeroth. But as the topic is still being addressed and there’s fairly good amount of conversation about them since the expansion is now available for pre-purchase and this has led to some more discussion on the blogosphere, let us take a look shall we?

Syp seems to be the opposite of me who actually likes elves, a staple of fantasy gaming, and therefore the race I am most looking forward to trying out are the nightborne, because they have joined the horde side.

Syp says they might be “Night elves version 2.0” and that sounds like an accurate description. “Probably a good idea to have an opposite visual shift from the WASPy Blood Elves, plus the Horde get another “pretty” race that brings their total up to two. Truly, great days are ahead and I look forward to seeing more skimpy Elf girls making me take the Horde seriously.”

The tongue-in-cheer borderline sexist comment aside, I for one am glad there is another elf race to choose from other than the blood elves, which are also a fun one to play due to their colorful and unique starting zone and interesting back story.

the Void Elves get the absolute bottom spot for Syp because their visuals make him want to smack them more than the Nightborne. “It’s like Dracula got… wussy.” LOL. Be that as it may, I think Blizz has done a good job of setting up these political entanglements in Azeroth elf races and it’s great to see the intrigue and speculation behind why the Nightborne would choose the horde.

He seems to like the visual style of the Dark Iron dwarves and Highmountain Tauren. Lightforged Draenei and Zandalari tolls don’t seem to be his cup of tea either.

Sandrian from Aeterneus gaming said his February goals included wanting to get Exalted with the Argussian Reach and Army of the Light on his warrior so he can unlock the Alliance allied races.

I had no idea there were some requirements which needed completion prior to rolling one of the new races, that’s a bummer, but I am having fun leveling my alts so I guess I never noticed or researched this. I don’t plan on pre-purchasing BFA, I can wait until the expansion drops. Hell I never even completed Legion leading up to patch 7.3.5!

The Ancient Gaming Noob recently rolled a Highmountain Tauren warrior since he says he already has a horde druid and hunter. and he had interesting observation about the new races, all the while trying to decide the level 110 boost that comes with the expansion.

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