Why I love elves

orc hunter on wow
I may be busy leveling orcs and undead warriors and hunters, but I long to play and level my blood elf or the new nightbornes

My apologies for not having updated in almost a week. My goal for 2018 is to update more regularly but then life (mostly my job as a full time reporter for not one but two local newspapers) gets in the way!

I had this whole idea about writing about and comparing some fantasy races and tropes in the various fantasy games and franchises because they are pretty similar in many ways. In fact, I chuckle when I hear some younger folks (younger than myself at any rate) indignantly talk about how this game or i.p. ripped off such and such and how it’s very unoriginal to use races or tropes taken from World of Warcraft since wow is undoubtedly one, if not the biggest mmo out there.

Of course, these people are dead wrong since wow not only appropriated successful features and concepts from other fantasy worlds and source material, but can be thought of as a very successful Dungeons and Dragons clone. In fact, I am pretty sure that the irony of wow being more successful than D&D virtual worlds like DDO and Neverwinter is not lost on the developers of those games and iconic franchises.

And that brings me (finally) to why I love elves. To be exact, I really love the fantasy tropes of D&D elf races like the Drow and the elves one can read about in D&D Dragonlance novels and role play in the table top D&D old school editions.

Yes, we had elves and elven characters back in D&D and Dragonlance and we also have them in Tolkien and Lord of the Rings (these probably influenced Gary Gygax more than anything else when he was world building and creating the D&D table top RPG back in the 70s.)

Now I am about to get really geeky about lore, but you probably already guessed this was the case when I crossed over into discussing D&D. LOL. The fact remains when I play my blood elf on wow, I can’t help by reminisce about the wonderfully realized races of Dragonlance as brought to life in the novels of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. The elves in those stories, game modules and novels are just as realized as the societies and conflicts we are now getting in wow and rival anything we can come across in Azeroth.

So if I think about things deeply, I want to play elves because they are fun, they have always been fun and they continue to be in modern mmos, wow included. I also want to play gnomes though, but since I am horde I think I have to scratch that itch by loggin on to LOTRO, Neverwinter and other fantasy themed mmos.

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