The pay to play conundrum

wow warrior

One of the problems I always had with paying a subscription to play a game like wow is not the sub itself. I totally get that the devs need to charge in order to continue to pay programmers, graphics people and the development team to continue to make fresh and new engaging content for the game.

For me, it’s always been the fact that I feel guilty if I am paying for a service, even one which is not comparably expensive like an mmo sub and I don’t get to play very often. This time it would be different I said, joining my guild in the pve Dalaran realm in the hopes that this would force me to long on and play more regularly.

Now I fully realize that even this small commitment will not improve my chances of playing or even enjoying wow. Sometimes RL gets in the way and other commitments force us to scale back in our gaming endeavors and goals. Personally I don’t feel obligated to play wow just because I am on a recurring sub. Having to “play a game” makes it (to me at least) feel as though it is a chore and has the unwanted end results of not being as much fun.

Of course, the brief time I have spent interacting with guild mates has been great, but I find that in wow, as great and as engaging and polished an mmo experience as it is, it can also be a bit monotonous to grind and queue for dungeons and pvp, spin and repeat with little variation other than those 3 activities (questing, running dungeons and joining random pvp instances) Lately I had the most fun doing the random pvp encounters because I like that aspect of the game the most and would personally like to see more world pvp, especially in the open world. Also, it is fun to try and get proficient enough with a class to be viable in pvp zones.

I may do the unthinkable and roll an Alliance toon, because two good friends are back  in Azeroth and the prospect of playing with them sounds like a really good and tempting proposition. Unfortunately one rolled Alliance (shudder to think!) and the other followed suit.

So how do the rest of you deal with the “pay to play” conundrum? Besides the obvious answer not to pay at all. If you currently sub or resubbed to wow in anticipation of the BfA expansion to drop, how do you reconcile the feeling that you are wasting money if you are not regularly playing? Or are you on wow 25/7 now doing  mythics, questing and retro style dungeons and content in anticipation of BfA??


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