Disbanded guild, playing vanilla


So I have not blogged of late because my guild on the Dalaran server disbanded recently, thus I cancelled my retail wow sub and decided to try and go back to Vanilla.

And you know what? I have been having more fun with Vanilla wow. This version of the game is the game I had the most fun with in any mmo and I am not the only player who feels this way, or blogger to be sure.

Priest with a cause had a great post about the progress of classic servers since Blizzard announced them at Blizzcon, he breaks it down quite nicely.

Right now, on K3, my main is an orc Hunter and even though I am not even close to level 10, because I just re-rolled from K2 since the Alliance to horde imbalance would have been problematic at higher levels in pvp, I have not played this one for too long, but I am digging it thus far. There is something magical about running around the world and seeing players questing in the open world. You don’t see that in the retail version of wow, with most players spamming the LFG function or congregating in capital cities, queuing for dungeons of pvp.

The vanilla wow community seems to be still thriving and enjoying classic wow, and since this is where my gaming interests currently lie, this is where I am staying for now.

And lest Blizz think that the announcement has diminished the player base on the classic servers, the devs should think again, the appetite for this “flavor” of wow seems to be as strong as ever. See you in Azeroth! Stay hungry for vanilla my friends.



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